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Sailing with a junk rig


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During the last few years, more and more sailors have been interested in the rig with which the Chinese had crossed rivers and oceans for over 2000 years – the junk rig.

At first sight, this kind of rig looks strange, clumsy, unhandily and ineffective. However, much of this is due to the differentness and to the lack of knowledge concerning how to handle this kind of rig. When having overcome the first few predjudices and doubts, this topic becomes really interesting and offers inriching aspects to the area of sailing and rigs.

This page is supposed to give a short introduction into the topic. Moreover, the reader will be proposed books information and internet links.
Interesting to know: What has once been supposed to be not more than a short introduction to the issue of the junk rig, today is probably the broadest collection on this topic in the German speaking part of the Internet.

What is so typical about this rig
The most detailed description online is by Ursula Rothermann and Wolfgang Hauf who describe their boat Prüveda.

The Advantages:
The inconveniences:
This will be enough as a short introduction. Others have already written enough. If you like, you can click yourself through our Links and Book Suggestions.

The ship I imagine

Taking into onsideration all that I have learned about this issue, the boat I would desire would include the following characteristica: top


Some of the books mentioned below are only available in German. A list of often used technical terms (English-German) can be found in: My small sailing dictionary. It can help to understand the German and English books alike.

Whoever is interested in this topic cannot skip the book 'Practical Junk Rig: Design, Aerodynamics and Handling'. (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com)
H. G. Hasler and his co-writer describe both their experience and several construction details and varieties. They might help you to avoid mistakes, needless costs when buying, rebuilding or constructing such a boat. The book is pretty expensive but it is worth every single Dollar or Pound.
Should you be lucky you might find it used and less expensive as older Editions: (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com)

Derek van Loan's book seems to be a short version of what is described and discussed in 'Practical Junk Rig'. To me, it seems like a "do it yourself" book:
One kind of rig, only very few varieties, few justifications but many practical advice and tipps. He even describes the construction of a mast made of one log.
Whoever will have read "The Chinese Sailing Rig: Design and build your own junk rig" (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) will soon be looking for the adecuate hull.
This book is only available in English. Along with 'Practical Junk Rig' it is super.

In her book 'Voyaging on a Small Income, 2nd Edition' (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) Annie Hill describes how it is possible to spend several years on board a ship with only very little money. She provides many practical tipps for the life on board.
Due to the fact that the junk sails only provoke low costs and are easy to deal with, they equipped their two-masted-ship 'Badger' with junk rigs. In the book you also find several drawings about 'Badger' and many similar boats.
In her Blog she tells us, how the sloop "Joshua" became "Fantail" with junk rig.
Meanwhile, Annie Hill lives together with Trevor Robertson on board of the steel gaff cutter Iron Bark.

Annie Hill sailed on Badger along the brasilian coast and to the Falklands. (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com)

In the book 'Building Badger & the Benford Sailing Dory Designs' (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) Jay Benford and Pete Hill (Ownwer of Badger) describe the conception, design and construction of Badger and similar twin keel Dories.

Thomas E. Colvin: Cruising as a way of life. (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com)
Similar to Annie Hill, Thomas E. Colvin, talks about what is required for a life on board a ship. He restricts himself rather on the technique and organizational things. Moreover, he describes his three masted junk "Kung Fu-tse".
Pictures of Kung Fu-tse.

Die Dschunke: Vagabunden auf der Seidenstrasse des Meeres describes the voyage of Axel Brümmer and Peter Glöckner on board their two junks Kublai's Khan and Kublai's Kahn II from Asia to the Baltic Sea.
The book is available only in German.

Further books of these authors:
Auf Marco Polos Spuren: Mit dem Fahrrad von Venedig nach Peking
Weltsichten: Fünf Jahre mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs

Traugott Malzan: Blaue Küste, rote Segel. Mit der Dschunke im Mittelmeer (Blue coast red sails. With a junk in the Mediterranean Sea).
It is a report about the journeys starting at Port Grimaud, along the French Mediterranean Coast; from one small bay to the next. His ship "Mandarin" is a junk imported from Hong Kong.
One part of the book talks about the experience with the 22-tons-junk "Sheung She" (also starting at Port Grimaud).
The book is available only in German.

In their book 'Sailing Back in Time' (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) Maria Coffey and Dag Goering, who are known among canoeists, report on their nostalgic journey in two ships along the coast of Western Canada and its world of islands and fiords: Allen Farrell's three masted ship China Cloud as well as an single masted boat, both equipped with junk rigs.

TAI KI. Die Reise zum Ort ohne Wiederkehr. (Tai Ki: To the Point of No Return).
Kuno Knöbl writes about his trip from China to the USA with a copied chinese junk.
The book is also available in English:
1979: Amazon.co.uk
1976: Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com

And here Joshua Slocum's two books you need not to buy. They are available online:
Voyage of the Liberdade
Building the three masted „Liberdade“ with junk sails and sailing her from Rio de Janeiro nach Washington D.C. in 1887(!). More than 100 yaers ago but still very interesting.
Sailing Alone Around the World
From 1895 until 1898: The first solo circumnavigation of the earth.



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